Hi I am Kelly, your advocate for thriving & living well as a single parent! Like you, I am also a single parent and know the joys and paper cuts of single parenting as I solo parent my 6 children! My passion revolves around empowering single parents just like you to achieve balance, happiness and success in every aspect of your life.

Our story of trial and triumph began in 2012, when the sudden end of my marriage threw me into the world of single parenting. I have had to navigate my children and myself through extremely difficult times, emotionally, financially and mentally. But instead of letting these negatives consume us, I have taken a positive and proactive approach to life. For the last few years I have been inspiring single parents with my message of perseverance, hope, faith and growth.

My purpose and passion in life comes from the love and dedication to all of my children. My education comes Coaching Cognition, School of Online Business and from overcoming real life experiences. My commitment comes from wanting to help all single parents grow and succeed, regardless of their situation. I truly believe that by helping you, the single parent grow and find success, then not only you, but your children will benefit from your growth and your success which will leave a lasting impression on their hearts and lives!

empowering single parents