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This site was created for empowering, equipping & educating single parents with resources, assistance & emotional encouragement to better their lives & the lives of their children!

One Line a Day

A year ago February my oldest daughter gifted me 1 of the most awesome gifts, a little book called One Line a Day. I have had several notepads etc that I have jotted down stuff in over the years and Continue reading One Line a Day

What is a Good Nights Sleep?

Funny when a woman is pregnant and everyone says “Enjoy your sleep now because once the baby comes it will be months before you get a good nights sleep again”. What the heck!? Months!? What is a good nights sleep? Continue reading What is a Good Nights Sleep?

Find a Man to Take Him Fishing

empowering single parents

Not going to lie. I have lost sleep over this statement made to me by a friend of mine about my son and his negative behavior in school. “Find a man to take him fishing Kelly.” Ya okay sure no Continue reading Find a Man to Take Him Fishing

Spending Family Time This Fall

Kids don't remember their best day of television

Spending time with your children this Fall can and will look different for every parent/family! But 1 thing is for sure, the weather is so beautiful that the more time you can spend outside this Fall the better for everyone! Continue reading Spending Family Time This Fall