Find a Man to Take Him Fishing

Not going to lie. I have lost sleep over this statement made to me by a friend of mine about my son and his negative behavior in school. “Find a man to take him fishing Kelly.”

Ya okay sure no problem. How shall I approach this, a ISO (in search of) Facebook post perhaps,a wanted ad online, is there a in need of section on Craigslist? Really though!? Find someone I can trust with my child in male form is just not going to happen. And guess what, that’s okay! I am good with it now, even though it stung like hell for a few days after hearing it.

What’s a mama to do!? Well take her son fishing of course!

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Has his negative behavior changed at school? Not really. Everyday is a work in progress and that my friends is something I can live with.

You got this parents!

Kelly W.