One Line a Day

A year ago February my oldest daughter gifted me 1 of the most awesome gifts, a little book called One Line a Day.

I have had several notepads etc that I have jotted down stuff in over the years and all have been placed in drawers or in storage bins when I found a new 1 that I liked and bought and swore I would write in daily. I didn’t. With a whole page to fill, even though most days the last 3 years I could have filled several pages with how I really felt, it just seemed like too much space and time. Till I got my little One Line a Day.

How simple, a small space to write 1 thought, 1 memory, 1 thing I am grateful for, and the list goes on. It doesn’t take but a minute to grab it and jot something down. I keep it by my bed with a pencil near it so no excuses. Okay, yes I skip a day or a few from time to time but not too often.

I just went back and read the last years ramblings and can’t believe how broken I was some days…a lot of days. I mean we all have days like that, right? When you have gone through something dark and heavy it takes time to heal. A lot of time. Nobody can tell you how long. It is just something we have to work our way through and make the best of each day.

I can promise you this, as time goes on the heavy days become less and less. Those days spent in tears, maybe even in the bathroom behind closed doors so your kids don’t see you a blubbery mess, they become less frequent. More and more good days are in between those tearful 1s.

Grab yourself a One Line a Day and start jotting down life today. This little book can hold 5 years of your life moments! Have a different type of memory book, diary, journal? Make sure you take a moment and write down something in as often as you can. Keep it where you can easily get to it and where you can keep it private as well if you choose to do so.

To be able to look back and see your growth, change, and some moments that made you giggle really is priceless. You have a lot on your plate. You have a house to run, kids to raise, and the list goes on. You often forget about those moments in time that pass so quickly. Having a place to remember them is great for the mind and soul.

Do you know a mom who can use her own One Line a Day? This mom’s edition is the 1 I have and absolutely love it!

What is your favorite ways to keep your memories? Do you use a journal, diary or have something else that you prefer to use? Love reading everyone’s ideas!